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About Edward G. Detwiler & Associates

Edward G. Detwiler & Associates, Ltd. is the appraisal service that clients locally and around the world choose for their appraisal needs.

Career Beginnings

Ed Detwiler began his career in engineering, sales, and product management in the healthcare industry. Eventually his business grew to include buying and selling machinery and technical equipment and re-manufacturing existing equipment for upgrades. Over time, he became known for his expertise in medical and scientific equipment valuation, so rather than remain in the re-manufacturing business, Ed decided to become an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA), Machinery and Equipment, and is still a proud member of the ASA.

In addition, he became a Commercial Arbitrator with The American Arbitration Association, and has worked primarily in Alternative Dispute Resolution on issues in which a hospital, lease company, lender, medical group, or other party may dispute the value of their equipment in a lease, sale or transfer situation, or if a third party is needed in any negotiation.

He and his company employees maintain the highest ethical standards, and have the reputation of being independent, objective, and professional, as they work to value medical and scientific equipment in markets worldwide. The company does not buy, sell, or accept commissions, as that would impair the objectivity of its services.

Company Founding

As time went by, Mr. Detwiler's willingness to share his knowledge prompted frequent phone calls from other professionals including attorneys, IRS agents, lenders, and even other appraisers who were looking for information and advice about medical equipment and the state of technology.  As a result, Mr. Detwiler decided to turn his expertise into a true consulting  and appraisal firm. Thus, Edward G. Detwiler & Associates, Ltd. was created.

Edward G. Detwiler

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Founder Edward G Detwiler

Ed Detwiler achieved the status of Accredited Senior Appraiser with the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) in 1991. Ed has served  on the ASA Healthcare Special Interest Group, charged with designing and teaching courses leading to an Educational Certificate of Completion in the appraisal of healthcare organizations. He personally performs or oversees all assignments.

Ed is also a Commercial Arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and an Associate Member of the American Bar Association (ABA).
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Our Associates

Our team includes Chris Calandra, who heads up our research activities and publishes the reports found on the Research Reports page, including all major modalities serving the healthcare imaging market. Other Associates focus on research and provide support to our company representatives in North America, Japan, and worldwide. We also have two American Society of Appraisers (ASA) appraiser representatives in Dallas, Texas, who work with us to perform our high-technology on-site inspections.   They  also provide appraisal services in diverse industries including mining, manufacturing, transportation, and construction. Finally, we  work with a professional healthcare facilities design and equipment planning firm to provide expertise needed in the development and building of new hospitals and medical departments and for complete hospital renovation projects. Ed Detwiler personally oversees all work done by our company representatives worldwide.