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Research Valuation Reports

Research about current economic factors and trends affecting your industry is compiled into a customized, precise, industry-specific annual valuation report that will assist you in your decision making. Reports can be purchased individually for a fee of $1,000.00, with reduced fees for multiple reports. Each report includes:

  • Industry Overview of Participants & Products
  • Brief Product Description of Top Products
  • Assessment of Top Products in Each Market Segment
  • Minimum Top Three Platers of Modality Segment
  • Estimate of Future Fair Market Value*
  • Estimate of Orderly Liquidation Value*

*By Percentage of Replacement Cost of New Equipment

Reports Available for Purchase

  1. Ultrasound
  2. Computed Tomography
  3. Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  4. PACS
  5. Radiation Therapy
  6. Radiography, Fluoroscopy, & Mobile C-Arms
  7. Molecular Imaging & Nuclear Medicine
  8. Endoscopy, Diagnostic, & Surgical Endoscopy
  9. Angiography & Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories
  10. Mammography & Bone Densitometers
Ultrasound Transducers Computed Tomography Magnetic Resonance Imaging PACS Radiation Therapy
Radiography Nuclear Imaging Diagnostic & Surgical Endoscopy Mobile C-Arms Mammography Equipment

*Download Our Sample Report Here

Valuation Forecast Reports

We provide valuation forecasts of the dynamic high-technology, medical imaging and radiation therapy markets. For each report, we perform a review of the major manufacturers participating in the market for the modalities listed above. We also provide individual product or modality forecasts for virtually anything found in a hospital, diagnostic, therapeutic or surgical facility, including information technology and ancillary equipment.

Research Report Price List

Total price if purchased annually, in advance (10 Reports): $8,500

7-9 Reports $900/ea.
4-6 Reports $950/ea.
1-3 Reports $1,000/ea.

Total if purchased individually (10 reports @ $1,000): $10,000

Our return and/or refund policy: We provide professional services only, and therefore we do not refund any fees paid after our services are rendered.

Our reports are delivered electronically, as required, and no shipments are necessary.

All appraisal and consulting work is kept completely confidential and is limited to the client to whom it is addressed. Further distribution is restricted and should not be done without the permission of the parties or as ordered by a court with jurisdiction.

Additional Report Services

If the information you need is not contained in one of our 10 reports, we can create a custom report to suit your needs.

Contact us for a custom report tailored specifically for you.